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18 years and I have photographed over a thousand weddings.  But does this give me the credibility to wax lyrical about how you should possibly organise your wedding day? Perhaps not but here goes...

Don't Rush.

The truly magical moment that your partner proposed to you will live with your forever. Whether it was the most romantic proposal, who knows. I hope so.
But being engaged doesn't mean you need to rush and set a date, book the venue, and of course Studio 900, as your wedding photographer.  Take a breath and research your options so you don't go making any rash decisions and costly mistakes.

Get The Big Picture.

Decide where you want to get married.  Will it be on far distant beach with a flowing maxi dress and no shoes or a full traditional UK hit?  Once you have decided, and remember to include the Groom, you can start to plan. The rest should then begin to fall in place.

Set Your Budget.

This is a tough one🙈......Where do you begin?  As I see it you have three options.  You either have the money (Well done) or you will save up or you will borrow it. Or to complicate things, any number of the above.  The most important thing before you go out and book the most expensive venue and then struggle to fund the rest of the wedding, is talk to each other.  Decide what you can afford, or probably what you can't afford and try to stick to it.  You don't want to be paying for your wedding in 5 years time from the loan that looks affordable.  It may well be, but trust me, in 5 years you may think it was a mistake to borrow so much money and still be paying it off.

Wants and Needs.

Decide what is essential and then purchase into the wedding you can afford. Just remember, not all wedding suppliers are the same.  The old adage that you get what you pay for has always proven true in my experience.  As a wedding photographer I charge for my expertise, experience and quality of work. In essence, the cost is not just in the time I spend with you and in Photoshop afterwards, but for the fact that you can rest assured your wedding photography will be everything you dreamed it would be.

Don't Cut The Wrong Corners.

There are ways to save money but choose wisely.  A large part of the wedding is the catering and you will want to give your guests a wedding breakfast they remember, for the right reasons.  It is, in my opinion, so important to get the menu and the chef right.  The beauty of organising the wedding yourself is you can prioritise how ever you wish.  It is, after all, your big day.  If you trust 'Uncle Bob' with his camera all well and good.  But what would you do if the wedding photography was not what you hoped for.  Tricky to do it again......  

Stick to Your Decisions.

Don't over think things and become the Bridezilla.  Correct research and planning will get you what you want.  Then stick with it.

Get Help.

Enrol the help of people from your "circle of trust"  Mum, can be a great asset, so too can Dad if he's in charge of your trust fund 😂! Your bridesmaids really can help. Delegate if you can let go and reap the rewards, they're not just there to organise the hen party you know!


Impart your personalities on your wedding.  Make it about your story together with photographs, table names.  One couple went to the trouble of getting a photograph of each guest and using them as place names.  Time consuming, but quirky and personal. If your normally reserved then fine, don't change it.  However, if your not then milk the day.  I recently had a bride walk into the room with her dad to the music of Darth Vader's Imperial March then all the bridesmaids and ushers pulled out Light Sabres as a guard of honour for her to walk under.  All unbeknown to her H2B and the guests. Lift the roof! make you entrance to the wedding breakfast punchy too.  May be choose some favourite music and dance in make it memorable. 💃🏼

Get the Clothes and The Look Right.

You and your wedding dress are centre stage.  This is your Oscar award !!  Wedding gown suppliers are really good at what they do.  Listen to them at all costs.  They have seen every shape and size and know what is right.  Take their advice.  One thing I do see too often, as a wedding photographer is the bride having to pull up her dress up around her bust.  Everybody will notice, every time you do it. If you have a Larger than average bust the strapless dress may cause you some issues.
Please try and avoid false tan, or if you do use it try out first and get it correctly applied.  Some hands are more yellow than the wedding ring.  Speak to your Professional Make up Artist, preferably Julie Mac,  (MAC, Illamasqua and Bobbi Brown pro) and get your face the same colour as your chest! Seriously, you need to get the Bridesmaids professionally made up too.  One with blue eye shadow and another with thick black winged liner etc do not look great in the wedding album.  
Get the guys looking great also.  Too often I see waistcoats that don't fit, shirts that are too long in the sleeve and shoes that don't match.


Once you have arranged everything it should all fall into place on the day.  Make sure everybody knows what time all the key stages are happening. As a wedding photographer I always meet my couples a week or two before the wedding day to talk about the timings and locations.   I can offer advice about how long things normally take and suggest the best time to eat etc.  Top tip................  DO NOT BE FASHIONABLY LATE.  It just eats into the time you get to be at your wedding.  15 minutes late usually means 15 minutes less photography. Why?  Surely you are better off getting some amazing images with your husband.❤️

Take Time Out.
If it all gets too much have a break.  It will still be there when you get back.  Planning your wedding day is meant to be fun after all.  Don't let it get to you.

Really Do Enjoy The Day.

Everybody will tell you the day goes by so quickly. It does.  If everything isn't going swimmingly don't get stressed.  If the napkins aren't the right shade panic not.  No one will notice anyway.  Unless your kicking off of course .
It is so difficult to chat to everybody at your wedding and this is where the Receiving Line came into play.  It is the formal way to great everybody before you sit down for the wedding breakfast.  I much less informal way is to chat to your guests at their tables as you eat.  You will the first served and finished.  A great time to get out of your seat and mingle.

Go on Honeymoon.

It doesn't matter where but go.  You can spend some quality time with each other and start your new life together in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.  Leave it a couple of days so you can spend time with family, some who may have travelled so distance a stayed over.  They would love to see you.


Have a great day
John :)



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The trends range from the traditional, including the return of the veil, as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, to the quirky and modern

1. The Chandelier Cake: A tiered cake turned upside down.

Miss Carter said: ‘I recently worked with Haute So Sweet bakery to create one – it took a lot of weighing, measuring and praying, but it was worth it. It definitely gets guests talking.

2. The return of the Veil: As seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé

Miss Carter said: ‘I recommend that every bride try one on. This is the only time you’ll be able to wear one, so at least give it a go before saying no.’

3. Cocktail receptions: The alternative to a sit-down dinner, to be served with canapé-style bites

Miss Carter said: ‘It’s a great way to save money. Communicate with your guests that a full meal won’t be served and have fun with your catering.’

4. The alternative cake: Serve mini pies, cookies or cobblers instead of a traditional wedding cake

Miss Carter said: ‘Cake often goes to waste as guests are usually dancing and forget to eat their slice. This is more economical and less wasteful. Ensure you have at least two options per guest.’

5. Floral wristlets: Instead of a traditional bouquet

Miss Carter said: ‘Celebrity event planner Diann Valentine created these bouquet-alternatives for her reality TV star brides and I’ve worked with florist Nicosia Perry to create orchid wristlets. Use sturdy flowers and bold colours.’

6. Temporary tattoos: As an unusual take on a wedding favour

Miss Carter said: ‘Somehow temporary tattoos will never get old. Include a sponge, spray bottle of water, handheld mirror and application instructions.’

7. Man caves: Give the groom something to do by letting him arrange a male-only area for smoking cigars and drinking bourbon.

Miss Carter said: ‘Having different areas under one roof keeps the party interesting. If you aren’t into whiskey consider a vodka bar with an ice sculpture, or a decadent dessert room.’

8. Personal branding: Save the dates and invitations with a twist

Miss Carter said: ‘Think social media hashtags, a custom monogram or logo and even symbols, colours and motifs that are used everywhere for a cohesive décor scheme.’

9. Food trucks: Keep guests satisfied all night and helps prevent drunkenness

Miss Carter said: ‘In America, the hot options are Mister Softee ice cream trucks and delicacies like truffle fries and mini mac’n’cheese, but the possibilities are endless.’

10. Aerial photography: Capturing the day from a helicopter

Miss Carter: ‘It’s still very new, but I see this being a big trend, especially for destination weddings, where there’s a lot to be seen from above.’ 

Read more:
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Top 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes Interesting article about wedding mistakes. Not sure I would call them the top 10.

Would you?


A Lack of Personality

Wasting Money

Forgetting What a Wedding Really I

Not Knowing the Master of Ceremonies

Thinking "It Could Never Rain on MY Wedding Day"

Forgetting the Meaning of the Word "Budget

Getting Trashed the Night Before the Wedding

Being Inconsiderate

Losing Perspective

Check out this article at



John, Studio 900 Photography 

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Wedding photography Cheshire Cheshire Liverpool Liverpool wedding photographers Studio 900 Wirral best wedding photography photographer photographs photography wedding wirral wedding wirral wedding photography Wed, 05 Nov 2014 00:08:16 GMT
Adlington Hall The Wedding of Sophie & John

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Cheshire Liverpool Liverpool wedding photographers Studio 900 Wedding photography Cheshire Wirral best wedding photography photographer photographs photography wedding wirral wedding wirral wedding photography Mon, 13 Oct 2014 20:46:41 GMT
Studio 900 Asian Wedding at Thornton Manor Studio 900 Asian Wedding at Thornton ManorStudio 900 Asian Wedding at Thornton ManorStudio 900 Asian Wedding at Thornton Manor

Yash & Rad married in the Music room at Thornton Manor, Wirral's exclusive Country House, and then partied all night long in the walled-garden marquee.  Julie Mac Make up did an amazing job as a qualified Asian Bridal make up artist.  Studio 900 photography had the pleasure to photograph this most colourful, fun-filled wedding. So much love...


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Wedding Photography at OddFellows Chester OddFellows Your Chester Wedding Venue


From their web site..........

"Traditional yet contemporary, elegant yet understated.  For a truly unique, intimate and beautifully romantic wedding or reception venue, think Oddfellows. Our team will be on hand to turn your dream into a breathtaking reality.

Available exclusively, the entire first floor at Oddfellows has been designed to help you celebrate this most momentous of occasions, your wedding.

With a civil license and private dining for up to 65 guests, The Grown Up Bar and Terrace available for a further 100 guests, your Oddfellows Wedding will be a unique occasion that will be enchanting for you and your guests."


Great location for your wedding with the chance to go into the City to create some amazing images.

Studio 900, wedding photographers in Wirral, Chester, Liverpool and the North West had the pleasure of photographing Ann and John there recently and used the Cathedral ruins as part of there back drop.


Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography Studio 900 Photography


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How to brief your wedding photographer Wedding photography guide: how to get exactly what you want from your wedding photographs


This article is from the Daily Telegraph 22 June 14.


Photography can end up being the biggest expense at a wedding, but it's worth getting right. Your marriage should last for the rest of your life, but so will the pictures. Here's how to work with your photographer to get the best possible memories of your wedding day.

1. Find examples of what you like.

Do as much research as possible into what you'd like your wedding photographs to look like. After all, they're likely to end up in albums and on mantelpieces for the rest of your life. Dedicate a couple of hours to scouring your friends' wedding albums on Facebook and searching for wedding images on Pinterest. Make sure you consult our wedding photography style guide for an idea of the different styles you could choose. Find around five examples of wedding photographs you really love, and five that make you feel sick, to show to your photographer. You might love the idea of pictures of the bridesmaids all jumping into the air, or you might prefer more formal, traditional shots. Either way, your photographer needs to know.

2. Make a list of "must-have" shots, print it out and give it to your photographer.

You'll kick yourself after the fact if you look through the shots and realise there's no picture of your grandad. Make a list of essential people to have pictures of, and all the essential posed shots (eg a picture of the bride and groom with the bride's parents, or a picture of the groom with all of the bridesmaids).


Remember to include shots of the wedding details you've planned, too. If you're going to spend ages deciding on table decorations, or you'll be buying an expensive pair of shoes for dancing, photographs of these small parts of the day can bring back some of the strongest memories. Equally you may want shots of the bride getting her make-up done, the wedding dress hanging up in the morning, the rings and the bouquet, or a shot of the groom fitting his flower buttonhole. Think hard about everything you could possibly want recorded and make sure your photographer knows about it.

Once you've made your list, print it out and give it to the photographer, who can check off each of your requested shots as the day goes on.

Unless your photographer is also a personal friend, they won't be able to tell the difference between your beloved Uncle Alan and a friend's brother who was only invited out of politeness. To avoid ending up with 20 shots of the friend's brother, and zero of your favourite uncle, assign one of your bridesmaids or ushers to point out important guests to the photographer. Introduce them at the beginning of the day (or beforehand if possible) and let them be your photographer's main point of contact.

Your enlisted bridesmaid can also be handy for rounding up errant family members for the group shots.

5. Choose a time in the day's schedule for posed photographs.

And make sure your photographer knows when and where it's due to happen. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can just squeeze in a few posed snaps after the ceremony. If you want nice posed shots with minimum stress, allow at least 45 minutes to find everyone, get them in place and make sure every photo on your "must-have" list is checked off. Organisation is the key.

6. If you can, visit the venue in advance with your photographer to select the best backdrops for your photos.

To avoid running around on the day trying to find a nice tree to stand beside, take the photographer to visit the venue in advance. If there's a lovely spot for formal shots but it looks a bit dark, they'll be able to bring lights on the day itself or hunt around for good alternative locations.

7. Tell them in advance what you expect.

Digital images, prints, photobooks, frames, a private website where your guests can view everything online: most photographers will be able to supply these and more if you ask. Find out what yours offers and have a chat in advance about which services you'd like, to avoid disappointments later. You can always order extras afterwards.

As a guide for how many photos you'll get, most photographers take 500-700 shots during the course of a whole wedding day (but this varies a lot, so ask your photographer in advance for how many they tend to take). They probably won't want to supply you with every single shot they took - some may be duplicates or not have come out well - but if you have a chat before about how many pictures you're expecting, you won't be disappointed by the number they deliver.

8. Agree a price in advance.

Wedding photography is very expensive. Don't be surprised if your chosen photographer's going rate is well over £1000 for the whole wedding. If that sounds extortionate, remember it doesn't represent just one day's work: if you hire a high-quality photographer, you're also paying for their preparation (often including pre-wedding venue visits), insurance, travel, and several days' worth of photo editing. Their hourly rate is usually much more modest than it first appears.

9. Ask about their equipment and editing policy.

What sort of camera do they use? Will they be bringing a second photographer with them to cover more of the action? If you're not happy with the pictures, are they prepared to re-edit them? Can they airbrush out that freckle you hate? You're paying a lot of money for your photographer, so it makes sense to do your research and make sure they're up to the job. Have a look at some of their previous wedding work and make sure your expectations are in line with what they can provide for your budget.

10. Feed them.

This is a mostly personal plea. Your photographer will probably be working for 12 hours or more on the day, and they may be more than happy to bring sandwiches with them to refuel halfway through. But you'll make a friend for life if you offer to set aside an extra place at the wedding breakfast for them. After all, once the speeches are done, you probably won't want them on duty during the meal, taking pictures of your guests stuffing their faces.

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The Lakeside Marque ay Thornton Manor. The Lakeside Marque at Thornton Manor.  A quite unique wedding venue in Wirral.  Part of the old Leverhulme Estate Thornton Manor proves to be a magnificent place to get married.  As did Claire and Michael last week.


Here a few images created by John McCulloch of Studio 900, award winning wedding photographers in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and the North West.

Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900 Wedding photography at Thornton Manor Lakeside Marquee by Studio 900



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Five key Questions To Ask Your Photographer Five key questions to ask your wedding photographer
Good advice and worth a read. If photographers are cheap, they don't value themselves or their work, so why should you? Or is it they have little experience and wish to practice at your wedding ?
Seems a little risky to me.

Once the vows have been said and the confetti has settled, your wedding photos should be a treasured memory of your big day.

Choosing a wedding photographer is no small task and with so many to choose from, how can you know which one is right for you?

According to a poll carried out by Bride Magazine couples will spend an average of £1399 on wedding photography. For such a significant chunk of your wedding budget it’s important to get it right so here are five key questions to ask your wedding photographer from The Pavillion at Lane End.

What’s your photographic style?

During your search you are likely to encounter three types of wedding photography: Traditional, Reportage and Contemporary.

Traditional wedding photography comprises classic posed shots of the couple, friends and family. Reportage involves capturing moments as they happen, creating a series of pictures that form a natural narrative of your day.

Contemporary wedding photography takes its inspiration from fashion magazines. The pictures are staged and the photographer may use edgy backgrounds, props and lighting to create interesting images.

Once you find a photographer’s style that you love, it’s important to review as much of their work as possible. Don’t just take into account their website’s ‘best shots’ but view whole wedding albums to see how they approach an entire day.

Also, keep in mind that whilst traditional and contemporary photos are brilliant for capturing finer details, these take time to create. Think about how much time you want to dedicate to photographs.

What’s included in the price?

Although the average spend is £1,399, wedding photography can cost anywhere from £500 to £4,000 plus. How much you allocate is a personal choice but, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

Try to pinpoint the style you like first and then find a photographer that fits your finances.

When discussing photography packages, take note of exactly what you will receive and how many hours a photographer will spend with you.

Most photographers offer eight hours of coverage, leaving after the first dance. If you want them to stay later you might need to negotiate this.

What is your experience?

You can’t repeat your wedding day, so when it comes to choosing a pro wedding photographer, experience counts.

Ask about the number of weddings they’ve shot before. What contingency plans they have in place if their technology fails, illness strikes or the weather turns bad.

Also your wedding photographer will be with you throughout your day, starting with bridal preparations, so it’s important you get along. Arrange to meet them in person and check out their mentions on social media and wedding forums for feedback.

How much editing will you do?

Thanks to digital technology, transforming your raw photos into beautiful, filmic images is all part of the package.

Photographers take between 100 and 1,000 pictures and editing can take from a few hours to several days. If you want to keep costs down select your favourites for enhancement.

Do you offer a pre-wedding shoot?

A no-pressure way to try out a photographer’s talents is to arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Heni Fourie, The Pavilion’s wedding venue’s preferred photographer, said: “Most photographers offer free or reduced engagement shoots as part of their wedding package.

“If there’s a photographer whose style you like, arrange an engagement shoot. As well as more mementos to keep, you can gain a genuine feel for their working style and whether you like the final product.”

Wirral wedding photographers Studio 900 photography provide expert coverage of your wedding and charge accordingly.  Why trust an amateur. Professional wedding photography demands a professional price. Reassuringly Expensive.

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Put the smart phone away .......and Enjoy the wedding. Put The Smart Phone Away and Enjoy The Wedding.


As every man and his dog now has a smart phone or tablet they carry every where and you can bet, yep, they are going to use it at your wedding.

They may be so keen to capture that stunning shot (NOT), they think nothing of walking in front of the professional photographer and ruining his image.


After a while in Photoshop, it looks better.  Time I would rather not have spent.  This is the exchange of the rings.  A most important shot that could not be missed. At least I was her shoot too.....

So. should you tell your wedding guests not to take pictures?   And      would they listen?

Guests with cameras will distract you and take valuable time away from the professional photographer as they call you to look at their camera, or place Auntie Margaret next to you for their own personal shot.  Time flies by at your wedding and it is better spent allowing the professional wedding photographer to do what he does best. 

Your guests never mean to be difficult, in fact they never think they have been.  Often they are doing what they think is important, like checking in and not been there for the family shots so delaying the whole day.

Is it too prescriptive to give them a brief of where they should at what time.  Would you ask them not to bring a camera?

  For those couples who insist on no guest photographer, Studio 900 provide free downloads of all their images from their web site.  After all my images are going to be better than theirs.........

There is a great video here that demonstrates how wrong it can get.......


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Wedding Photography at Inglewood Manor The hottest day this year and Jayne & Jay choose it to get married at Inglewood Manor.

Married at St Peter's in Heswall, we then went to the beach near Shelldrakes where we featured the hills of Wales and the WV Camper Van they chose as their wedding car.

Here are a few of their wedding photographs before the main edit. Just as a taster. 

Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral

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Wedding Photography by Studio 900 Wedding Photography by Studio 900 at Samlesbury Hall near Preston.


I had the great pleasure of photographing Debra and Andy's wedding at Samlesbury Hall on Saturday.  What a magnificent wedding venue.  Angela, the  wedding coordinator could not have been more helpful.  The weather was kind....the rain keeping off just long enough too create the family shots.  It was a pleasure to meet Debra's family again, having photographed her sisters wedding about 5 years ago at Hillbark Hotel in Wirral.

Just a couple on wedding photographs before the main edit.  Debra choose a navy blue wedding theme which looked amazing. 


Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Wirral Wedding Photographers Studio 900Studio 900 Photography Wirral

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) 900 Hall Photographers Photography Preston. Salmesbury Studio Wedding at by near Thu, 17 Apr 2014 07:24:18 GMT
Yellow Wedding Theme Yellow Wedding ThemeYellow Wedding ThemeStudio 900 Photography

Studio 900 Photography.  Love the colour yellow for a spring wedding

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Red House wedding Chester Yellow bridesmaid dress Yellow table plan Yellow wedding cake Yellow wedding flower studio 900 wedding photography wedding photographers Wirral. Chester, Liverpool, yellow chair covers car Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:37:03 GMT
Wedding Dresses and Hair Styles...Studio 900 Photography Wirral

Found this article rather interesting. Some good points worth sharing Enjoy !!!

John McCulloch....Studio 900 Photography Prenton, Wirral




Lauren Hardy for Clane Gessel Photography


During the wedding gown search, brides are able to try on sample after sample before saying yes to the dress. That's what makes choosing a hairstyle difficult: It's impossible to do a trial run of every style you're interested in.

When it came time for me to select a dress, I didn't mess around. In fact, I ended up buying the very first one I tried on -- an A-line Casablanca. Three months later, with six and half months to go before we say, "I do," my hairstyle search is deadlocked. So I decided to see what advice the professionals have to offer. For all the brides out there, who, like me, are having a hard time committing to a hairdo, here's some helpful advice from past Martha Stewart master hairstylist Anthony Sorensen, who now works at Juut Salonspa in Edina, Minn.

Pinpoint your wedding style and schedule a consultation


Are you a modern bride? Vintage? Classic? Glamorous? Rustic? Think of the words that describe your attire, venue, décor and overall design. Then keep these words in mind when searching for styles. Also, Sorensen adds, "Stay classic! Trends come and go and you want your wedding photos to be timeless."
Cut out a save your favorites, then schedule an appointment with a wedding hairstylist who can help you narrow down the options. Don't already have a trusted hairstylist? Not a problem. Ask other brides in the area who they worked with, and do some research about their experience online.

"Always do a trial with your stylist," Sorensen says. "It calms nerves on the big day."

Consider the dress


Depending on your dress' neckline, shape, fabric and/or special features, certain hairstyles will look better than others. You'll also want to bring a photo of your dress and any accessories to the hair consultation. Talking about the options once you have it narrowed down to a few styles makes it easier to find the perfect match.

"I always consider the neckline on a wedding dress. If it's high I usually go up. If it's low, down could look better," Sorensen says. "For complicated dress designs, try to keep it simple." You don't want your hair to take away from the dress!

Up do or don't?


"Consider time of year you're getting married when choosing whether or not to put it up," Sorensen says. "For humid summer months, it's probably a good idea to go with an up do. It will stay and you won't have to worry about it. For dry fall and winter months, it's better to leave it down."

Don't be a daredevil


Your wedding day is not the time to try anything drastic that could create damaging effects. If you've never cut your hair short before, it's probably not a good idea to do a trial run of that before the wedding. Also, don't overdo it with products. Hairspray is a necessity, but you still want your hair to look natural, not completely frozen in place. The same is true for gel and volumizing mousse. Too much could have you looking like a puffed up poodle.


Remember, comfort is important, too


Hairpieces and headbands can add extra glamour to your bridal look, but beware of anything that pokes or prods from the get-go. If a hair accessory bothers you from the start, you don't want to risk being miserable for the entire ceremony and reception. Look for accessories that require fewer pins or have fewer teeth.



Believe in being you. If others' opinions get too loud, always bring it back to what your gut is telling you. Your hairstyle has the power to define your entire bridal look, so you want it to compliment your personality, not someone else's.

Follow Clane Gessel on Twitter:

Shared by John McCulloch....Studio 900 Photography Prenton, Wirral

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Brides beware! Wedding vendors are now suing newlyweds Brides beware! Wedding vendors are now suing newlywed couples for leaving negative online reviews.

Do not book anybody who stipulates suing rights in their contract.  They obviously envisage problems......!!

By Daily Mail Reporter


A growing number of wedding vendors are adding clauses to their contracts that prohibit newlywed couples from posting any negative reviews online.

And brides who break these contracts are now being threatened with lawsuits -- unless they take their review down.

'One DJ told a bride she had to pay him $5,000 because his contract clearly calls for a fee if the couple posts anything below a five-star review,' The Knot's executive vice president, Kristin Savilia, told the Huffington Post.

Wedding vendors are now adding clauses to their contracts that prohibit newlywed couples from posting any negative reviews online - and brides who break these contracts are now being threatened with lawsuits

Wedding vendors are now adding clauses to their contracts that prohibit newlywed couples from posting any negative reviews online - and brides who break these contracts are now being threatened with lawsuits


Another newlywed bride, who goes by the name of Lauren Beale to protect her identity, had been waiting four months to receive her wedding day photos when she gave the photography company a four out of five stars review.

'I had been haggled throughout the whole process, so I simply said I didn't think it was a good value,' she explained.

Read more:
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Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Wedding Day Hair & Makeup 101

Posted: Friday, Mar. 14, 2014

A gorgeous wedding gown without good hair and makeup is like a wedding cake without icing, what’s even the point? Hair and makeup may be a seemingly small element but it makes a big impact on your bridal look and, of course, in your pictures. Brides always have a lot of questions regarding hair and make-up so here are some answers:

Should I hire someone to do my hair and make-up or do it myself?

Only you can truly answer this question but, in my opinion, unless you’re a professional make-up artist or hair stylist then hire someone. Here’s why: the pros seriously know how to make your hair and makeup stay on all day and look flawless in pictures. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Where/how can I find wedding day makeup artists and hair stylists?

Referrals are a great place to start. I’d ask friends, family, your photographer and even the stylists at your regular salon who they would recommend. Still haven’t found someone? Try attending a bridal show or simply do some research online. Just make sure you read the customer reviews.

How soon should I book my makeup artist and hair stylist?

I would suggest booking 6-12 months in advance but the sooner the better!

Should I do a trial run?

YES. A trial makeup and hair run before the wedding day is a must. It not only allows your stylist/artist to get to know you better but it ensures that you are happy with the final result. I would even suggest bringing some picture inspiration to help your stylist/artist achieve the look you’re aiming for.

What if I don’t like it?

If you aren’t pleased with any part of your look during your trial run or your wedding day, speak up and let the stylist/artist know. They may be able to tweak it or change it to your liking. If you and your artist/stylist are on completely different wavelengths, it’s okay to part ways. After all, it’s your wedding day and you need someone who will see your vision.

Trust Julie mac Make Up take a look at her web site...


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Brides toss wedding traditions along with bouquets

All this from


Weddings these days are much ado about nothing -- as in nothing traditional, nothing classic, nothing orthodox.

Think neon-colored cakes. Two-piece wedding gowns or pantsuits. Hashtags on invitations so guests can tweet the wedding.

As the season of matrimony draws near (June is the most popular month to tie the knot, followed by September and October), we went searching for what's trending in weddings in 2014.

Some of them get a big "I do." Others? Well, they're kind of like the in-laws. We're going to have to warm up to them.

"Clearly, most of these things would not have been done nor expected at weddings 25 years ago," said Leslie Swathwood, owner of Circle City Expos, which recently put on the Indianapolis Bride Expo.

Swathwood, along with plenty of others in the business of brides, filled us in on the latest and greatest when it comes to the road to marital bliss.

Technological takeover

This #wedding is fab #johnandjennysbigday.

OK. Not everyone wants their wedding broadcast to the world. But in this day of social media, many couples adore the idea of having memorable tweets and Facebook posts from that special day.

Brides and grooms are creating blogs and Facebook pages to fill people in on everything related to their wedding. Some couples include hashtags on their invitations for guests to use when uploading photos or tweeting.

The more serious social media types are installing cellphone charging stations at tables or behind the bar, "displayed creatively, of course, throughout their reception," said Swathwood.

Couples are also live-streaming weddings so loved ones not able to make it to the ceremony can see it all.

"On the flip side, there's also a trend for those couples who truly want their guests to go unplugged for their reception," she said, "even asking guests to leave their phones at a device drop-off station when they enter."

Save-the-date cards

Nope. It's not quite time to send those official wedding invitations. But the bride and groom want to make sure the valued people in their lives show up for their big day.

Enter the latest trend in wedding stationery: A pre-invitation or save-the-date card.

It's usually a fun postcard that couples send to their invitees, asking them to save their wedding date on their calendars.

Many of these cards give guests wedding websites, blogs and Facebook addresses to check in for further details.

And many are packaged in a fun (albeit expensive) way, coming as a message in a bottle or with a photo collage of the happy couple.

The cards also help with long-range wedding planning, said Scott Aldridge of Card Ink Wedding Stationery in Fishers, Ind.

As for the actual invitations?

"The vintage look," said Jennifer Aldridge, of Card Ink. "Brides are using lace and romantic touches mixed with rustic and burlap. It's a mix of the classic with a modern touch."

Cake conversion

Cream-colored and round. Adorned with icing of lace, roses and strings of pearls. That traditional wedding cake's time has passed for some.

Variety is in: colored cakes, themed cakes, box-shaped cakes, staggered in tiers. Even cakes based on interior designs for the home.

Jill Gosnell of Indy Cakes is consuming the latest confection trend. She recently created a wedding cake based on a design by famed New York cake designer Colette Peters. It featured seven tiers of various-sized cakes, ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches round. The colors were dark brown, various orange hues and white.

Then there was the cake Trish McGath of One Eleven Cakery recently concocted: a $1,000 brightly colored masterpiece with a bride and groom sitting under a shade tree, a waterfall running down the tiers of the cake and a cobblestone pathway.

The couple wanted their cake to match the venue where they were married, McGath said.

"I thought it sounded a little crazy for a wedding cake," she said. "But once it was completed and delivered, I thought it fit the nature of the venue very well."

Organ be gone

Let's be honest. This instrument conjures up sounds of a funeral. And who wants that on their wedding day?

Replacing that keyboard of pipes and pedals is the elegance of string quartets and brass groups.

"The strings' great strength is the grace, elegance and sheer beauty of sound that can only come from a group of live musicians," said Larry Powell, owner of Powell Music in Indianapolis. "There is also a highly artistic element."

Powell, who plays the trumpet, and his wife, Jenny, a violinist, have played professionally in Indiana for more than 20 years, performing at hundreds of weddings, cocktail hours and receptions.

Many couples are asking for contemporary music rearranged in a more elegant style suited to the harp, said Elizabeth O'Meara Ahlgrim, with

"That way, the music that is important to the couple can be used, but still sounds like it fits in at a wedding," she said. "Many guests still recognize the melody but appreciate the elegance the harp brings to the music."

Half up, half down

The wedding hair style question used to be a no-brainer. Why, of course, sweep that coif off the neck into an up-do.

But flowing hair from those romantic-looking woodland weddings has taken over, with a twist.

Keep those locks down, but pin a few strands up. It's called the half up, half down style. It's a perfect solution for the indecisive bride.

The new hair style goes along with a broader trend in weddings -- to look natural, to look like yourself on your wedding day, said Will Turpin, owner of Whiskey & Honey Salon in Carmel, Ind.

"Most brides I talk to want to look at their wedding pictures and see themselves, not someone who is so made up they don't recognize them," he said. "I don't know any woman who walks around everyday in an updo."

Disco fever

Reception dancing used to begin with that sweet father-daughter number.

Oh, what simple times.

These days, wedding reception dancing is a production in itself. Many wedding parties are opting to kick off the boogie time with their own version of the Harlem shake.

Others have choreographed entire disco routines that even include grandma getting down with a move or two.

At Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment, wedding disco has become huge. The company provides all the music and lights needed for the wedding day, along with plenty of disco balls.

And ... there's more

• Radiant orchid is the color of the year, according to the Pantone Color Institute, so expect to see varieties of this beautiful, rich purple in all aspects of weddings, as well as in fashion and interiors.

• Chop that dress in half. Two-piece wedding gowns with cropped tops that show a little midriff are popular. Some brides are opting for shiny white pantsuits.

• No more black and white tuxes. Think of this get-up, recently featured at the expo: a charcoal gray tux, satin turquoise vest and a black-and-white checkered bow tie.

• Food stations have been the trendy way to dine at weddings, but 2014 will see more couples asking for family-style dining at their receptions.


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Little Baby Archie Just 10 Days old, Archie came for his first baby photography shoot here at Studio 900 Photography.

Babies at this age are best photographed in the nude, with its associated problem of NO nappy. As usual we ending get wet !!!

But the images show it was well worth it...


New born baby photography

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Cheshire Liverpool new born baby photography in Wirral photographer photographs photography wirral photographer Mon, 17 Mar 2014 08:51:44 GMT
How to Choose your florist ? According to St Louis Best Bridal

Image not by Studio 900

For a big day all abloom, a florist is ready to take creative action. Reserve one at least six months ahead to smell like a rose.


Ask newlyweds with flowers you loved about their florist. Get referrals from friends and relatives. Compare prices and ideas.


Cut photos of likable bouquets and arrangements from bridal and gardening magazines.


Write down who needs flowers. Photograph both ceremony and reception locations. Provide photos or color swatches of dresses for a sense of complementary colors.


No matter how much you have to spend, a good florist can brainstorm creative ideas. Unexpected rentals play havoc with a budget.


You should be able to ask any question of a competent wedding provider. Ask to see photos of the florist’s work at your ceremony and reception sites. Fresh bouquets give better views than photos, so ask to see flowers ready for another wedding this week. Check what extras not included at the site – possibly aisle runner, centerpieces, trellis or potted plants – are provided by the florist.


The contract should include standard items of date, time, location of ceremony and reception. Itemize what the florist will supply, including color, type and cost; alternate blooms if first choices are not available; arrival times for setup; total cost with tax and payment terms; fees for delivery; cancellation and refund policy.


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Mood Boards Wedding Mood BoardsWedding Mood Boards Wedding Mood BoardsWedding Mood BoardsPink wedding theme Wedding Mood BoardsWedding Mood Boards

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Wirral Wedding Photographer Kate & Johnathon's wedding at Thornton Manor on New Year's Eve was a treat to be at.  I have never seen Thornton Manor look so good, their flowers filled the house with a scent and amazing displays.


So many surprise for the happy couple too, including a horse and carriage, pipers, gospel choir, personalized favours....just to mention a few.

The weather was unbelievable, images outside... result.

Kate looked stunning with her make up by created by  Julie Mac

Barretts, the caterers did them proud with a lovely meal.

The celebration went on till the early hours... I left soon after midnight to drive home for a well earned cup of hot Chocolate.....


Wirral Wedding Images Thormton ManorWirral Wedding Images Thormton Manor

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Cheshire Julie Mac Make up Liverpool Wirral photographer photographs photography wedding Fri, 14 Mar 2014 05:56:32 GMT
Photoshop @ Studio 900 Photography

Neil & Jurgitta, Mr & Mrs Smith, asked me to create this for them to go on the tables at their wedding at Leasowe Castle.

Took about two hours of shooting and editing until we got what we wanted.  Result ?

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How Importrant are your wedding shoes?

What do you think?

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Thornton Manor Wedding Photography Christmas weddings are always special.. Everywhere looks different with tinsel and trees and most bride's wishing for a little snow, if just for the photographs.

Thornton Manor will make your Christmas wedding sooo special.  The size of the tree alone in the Music Room is such a wow factor.


Wirral Wedding PhotographyWirral Wedding Photography

Open fires and the smell of scented candles sets the scene for a magical day.  And it will be.  Barretts the caterers will always impress and add so much to your day.

Wirral Wedding PhotographyWirral Wedding Photography

Studio 900, the award winning Wirral wedding photographers. have photographed so many weddings at Thornton Manor.  In fact, we are recommended by the Manor due the diversity and quality of their work.


The wedding on New Years Eve was blessed by the sun shinning and the celebration went on till the wee hours.

Wirral Wedding Images Thormton ManorWirral Wedding Images Thormton Manor


Now tha's a PARTY !!!!!

Wirral Wedding PhotographyWirral Wedding Photography

Not connected  this bit off on one ........


Wedding photography and the group shoots..


Yes, most couples want them. However, they don't want them to take over the day and take for ever to create.  Make sure you discuss with your wedding photographer exactly what you want and get them to assure you they can do this part of their job efficiently and calmly, or the day can become a boring photo shoot.


Not too sure why I went there, but its true.  On that subject.... The most used shoots are your wedding portraits.  These are a far cry from just capturing candid images of people having fun.  Most people can do this.

Ensure your photographer has examples of excellent images with different, creative lighting that involves skill. The shot that Uncle Bob can't get.


This is turning into a help sheet about finding the right Photographer for your wedding.  You should invest to get the best. Your images are the one thing you will have for the rest of your life. Make sure you back them up on two hard drives and two discs.  Give you mum one too so if the worse things happen you will still have a copy.  I'm going now before I run out of space  xx



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Make up By Julie Mac Just some of this years Make up by Make Up by Make Up by Julie Mac and photography by Studio 900

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Bridal make up wirral Cheshire Julie Mac Make up Liverpool Party make up Wirral Make up artist make up lessons Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:30:42 GMT
Party Make Up My wife Julie Mac has a cool studio where she works so hard to make her clients look amazing.

This is Hannah, who was going to her work's Christmas Bash last week.  You can guarantee she turned a few heads.

Very proud of her work she is so professional and her knowledge of make up and it's application is outstanding.

She excels at Bridal and wedding make up, party make up, boudoir make up and make up lessons.



]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Bridal Wirral and boudoir make up make up application make up lessons party make up wedding make up Wed, 18 Dec 2013 08:49:42 GMT
Studio 900's new Team Member Studio 900 officially welcome Liz, to their team. 


Having worked as an assistant photographer with me for almost two years, Liz is now working on her own weddings and portrait sessions in the studio.

She has a natural flair and a great eye for an image that has developed into a unique style.  We are pleased and proud to welcome her as our latest Wirral wedding photographer.

Lizzy's wedding packages start at just £395

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So Busy Doesn't time just fly by.  The joys of working on your own are plentiful but boy can you get busy.  Wedding albums are all up to date as are the images from our portrait sessions but spending some hours in front of the Mac.


Just giving out the images created from our Dream Adventure Portraits. Such fun to create....if you can get the baby to sleep.

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Cheshire Liverpool Wirral baby photographer photography Tue, 19 Nov 2013 09:24:24 GMT
Toni & Steve Mr & Mrs Painter English weather...........  Not one photography outside at Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa.

Still, what a super day,  and Toni, you did so very well, Oh, and looked absolutely gorgeous :)



]]> (Studio 900 Photography) & Cheshire Hall Liverpool Spa Thornton Wirral photographer photographs photography wedding Sat, 19 Oct 2013 08:11:11 GMT
Sophie & Kevin Leverhulme Hotel Port Sunlight Wedding photography by Studio 900 at Port Sunlight's Leverhule Hotel & Spa


The weather was kind again.....  Great for Kevin & Sophie at the Leverhulme Hotel in Port Sunlight.


One good reason to employ your photographer all day.  The evening brings with it the Golden Hour, and the fantastic light it produces.

So much better than the harsh mid day sun.  Wedding photography


]]> (Studio 900 Photography) Cheshire Chester Hotel Leverhulme Liverpool Port Sunlight Wirral photographer photographs photography wedding Sun, 13 Oct 2013 18:07:44 GMT
Met Bertie, Mandy and Tommy on Saturday and had a fun time in the Studio chasing Bertie around.  Got some cool images of him tho.

]]> (Studio 900 Photography) pet photography Mon, 07 Oct 2013 06:52:52 GMT