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Soph Jordan reviewed Studio 9005 star

John is amazing!!!! I honestly am taken away by our pictures an I've only had a sneak peak So exited for our album, I wanted a couple the next day an he was off out with family an took the time an effort to send me some the very next morning!

We had such a laugh too! so professional so likeable an such an amazing photographer

Book him your mad if you dont!

I will tell the story of your wedding, the best day in your life.

I look for moments throughout the day and weave them together to make a pictorial representation of your wedding day with my relaxed and humorous approach......

Trust in a qualified professional with 18 years experience, having photographed over a thousand weddings......



15 Benefits of choosing Studio 900, Wirral Wedding Photographers.

Nothing will phase me on your day.   18 years experience. I have photographed more than a thousand weddings.

I am professionally qualified .I have not just purchased a camera and think I can be a photographer.

I know what I am doing.  I will make you look as good as you possibly can.

All my equipment is of a professional standard.

I have back up cameras, flash guns and lighting so if one breaks I have spares.

You choose what you want and for how long I am there for.  I do not sell packages.

Albums are at cost price you do not pay through the nose for your story book.

I shoot my weddings mostly in manual mode, not letting my camera decide what I create, I understand light and exposure and make the decisions based on what I see.

I am efficient. I do not take long over family shots.  I concentrate on the story of the day.

I take more candid shots the posed ones.

I will not make you feel uncomfortable.

I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I back up your images three times and place a copy in a fire proof safe to reduce the risk of you getting no images………

I dress like I’m going to a wedding…don’t do black T shirt, jeans and trainers.

 Finally, I am a nice guy check out my testimonials as above.




You probably haven't got this far but if you are serious about choosing the best Wirral wedding photographer please take the time to look closely at my wedding photography.  It features many weddings in Wirral that I have photographed.  As the recommended wedding photographer of Thornton Manor, Leasowe Castle and Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa I have earned a reputation of producing amazing wedding images and wedding pictures that tell the story of your day.There are no wedding photography packages.  Just bespoke deals for you.  Cheap wedding photography is not something we do at Studio 900.  You will invest into a dedicated, professional, expert wedding photographer who knows all about creating stunning wedding photos that will blow your mind. Off camera flash is a difficult technique.  Many photographers don't have the equipment or the knowledge to do it.  I have both.  Please browse and a hope you enjoy the wedding photographs of Studio 900.


John McCulloch