Prosecco....... Make-Up, Dress-Up then Pin Up!

Making you look as good as we possibly can

  Boudoir Photography

Some spend hundreds on a purse that will last a season or on a painful pair of shoes. 

We know these are IMPORTANT

But, unlike these things, your boudoir  photography experience will not age, it will only become more meaningful with time. It will not hurt, but only make you feel more beautiful and confident.
Putting a price on a feeling this good is not easy.
Husband and Wife team John & Julie McCulloch, the in-house Mac Pro Make up Artist, are here to provide you with a most amazing boudoir experience.

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Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography by Studio 900

At Studio 900, our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality professional boudoir photography in Wirral, ensuring you look your absolute best.

With your make up expertly applied and professional lighting and posing techniques, we know we can make you look amazing. Your boudoir photography experience will boast your confidence and leave you with a big smile on your face…we promise! Furthermore, it makes a stunning unique sexy gift for the one you love and provides a memory to look back on in years to come.

All our clients receive our full attention and the exceptional personal service you deserve. You will have exclusive use of our facilities for your boudoir shoot making it a stress–free, relaxing experience.
If you wish, we will airbrush spots, stretch-marks and cellulite as will have perfect skin but it will still look natural. Our professional in-house retouching is magazine-quality but you will still look like YOU in the pictures!


Boudoir Photography and Make Up Package

Ladies, surprise him with some sexy and sophisticated photos of yourself !

From just £195 for a 2 hour pamper and Five 10x8 inch print.

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or better still call 0151 608 7877 or  07939 561 029


Call Studio 900 Photography today to arrange your Boudoir shoot at our high-street studio in Prenton. Professional photographers for over 18 years.  This  boudoir package makes for an excellent gift to present to the man, or lady, in your life. What an amazing wedding present to gift the night before, or the morning of your wedding .....!!

Of all the ladies who have invested into our boudoir photography package not one of them have ever been disappointed.  In fact, they have all been so pleased with how Julie Mac Make Up and Studio 900 photography have worked as an amazing team to create some images that have surprised and pleased them.  To book your boudoir photography session, call John or Julie on 6087877.